À la carte menu


Homemade Soup of the Day with  a Crusty Roll  £4.95

North Atlantic Prawns with Marie Rose Sauce Cocktail £6.95

Baked Mini Camembert with Toasted Bloomer and Redcurrant Jelly £6.50

Spiced Breaded Crab Cakes with Lemon Mayonnaise  £6.50

Rye Scallops and Prawn Mornay topped with Grilled Cheese   £7.25

Garlic Mushrooms in a cherry tomato and herb sauce topped with grilled cheese £6.25

Spicy Crispy Coated Prawns with Lemon Mayonnaise  £6.50

Chilled Melon Cocktail £5.75




King Eddie – ribeye steak topped with bacon and melted stilton, finished with a red wine gravy, served with tomato, mushrooms, peas and  saute potatoes.   £18.75

Classic Sirloin Steak – served with tomato, mushrooms, onion rings, peas and saute potatoes.   £16.95

Steak Stroganoff – strips of steak with mushrooms, onions, paprika and a brandy cream sauce served with rice and salad  £16.95

Chicken Forestiere – grilled chicken breast with a mushroom and thyme white wine cream sauce, served with saute potatoes.   £12.75

Caribbean Chicken with a prawn and coconut rum cream sauce served with rice and salad  £12.95

Moroccan Chicken – breast of chicken medallions with meatballs in a tomato  and herb sauce with a medley of vegetables and saute potatoes £12.95

Half Boneless Duck – served with a red wine gravy, medley of vegetables and saute potatoes.  £16.95  

Carved Roasted Lamb Rump – served with creamed mashed potato, red wine gravy and medley of vegetables  £14.95

Game Hot Pot – (venison, pheasant, wild boar in a rich red wine gravy topped with cheesy scallop potatoes) served with a medley of vegetables  £10.25  

Sea Bass Fillets with Sauce Vierge – (tomatoes, onions and chopped herbs) with a medley of vegetables and saute potatoes  £15.95

Thai Green Cod Curry served with noodles and salad   £15.25

Mock Steak and Mushroom Pie – with a medley of vegetables and new potatoes.  £9.95  (V)

Mock Chicken, Leek and Sweet Potato Pie – with a medley of vegetables and new potatoes.  £9.95  (V)

Shepherdess Cheesy Mash Pie – with a medley of vegetables.  £9.95  (V)

Mushroom Stroganoff – served with rice and a salad.   £9.95  (V) 


If you have a food intolerance please ask about the dishes